If you are using a CNG operated vehicle then you can follow the below mentioned tips for better car mileage and proper care.

(1)  Ensure to tighten the gas lead – CNG tends to evaporate from the gas tank in case it has a small opening, therefore you need to ensure that the lid is closely tightened. In fact, the missing or damaged gas caps led to the evaporation of millions of gallons of gas every year in India. Therefore you need to tighten up the gas cap every time you fuel up your car.

(2) Keep your tyres inflated – You can make big improvement on car’s gas mileage up to 15 percent. You should not drive on under-inflated tires as they will lower down mileage and wears down easily.

(3) Ensure proper filling of CNG gas – You should try to prevent over-inflation of gas in the fuel tank. As soon as you get the signal that your tank is completed, stop pumping the fuel.

(4) Do parking if your vehicles in shade –  you should try to park of your car in the shade as it will help in preventing a greater amount of evaporative emissions in the presence of direct sunlight.

(5) Check your tire pressure – You should purchase a digital gauge and compare the pressure in your tires with the recommended pressure as mentioned in your manual. If you feel that pressure is less, you can inflate the tires as required.

(6) Use a garage – You should use a garage for proper parking as it helps the car stay warm in winter and cool in summer.

(7) Replace air filters – You should regularly replace the clogged air filter as it could improve the gas mileage by 10 percent and makes savings up to15 cents per gallon.