You can take the following steps for fuelling the vehicle with CNG

(1) You can replace the fuel storage tank of your vehicle with bottles that have the ability of handling high-pressure gas. The natural gas is stored at 3,000-3,600 pounds per square inch in the vehicle. The storage containers can also withstand pressure and comes with special vents for releasing the pressure in times of emergency fire.  You can attach the special tube-shaped containers at the rear end or top end of the vehicle body. It should be of considerable structure for carrying the increased weight.

(2) You can install a regulator close to the engine for reducing the gas pressure at a time of its release from the tank. By using a regulator, the pressure of the CNG decreases before it enters the engine and gets converted into useable form.

(3) You can use the special engine parts for retrofitting the car to use CNG. You can also install a gaseous fuel injection system for replacing the gasoline fuel injection system. The different system is required for utilizing a gaseous fuel and feeding it into the cylinders that turn the pistons.

(4)  You can install the specialized sensors for monitoring and adjusting the fuel-to-air-flow mixture. It is required for the efficient burning of the fuel when the spark plug ignites the gas.

(5) You can use natural gas fuelling nozzles for fuelling the car. CNG needs a closed system as it is highly flammable. In fact, any air-to-natural-gas mixture in the range of 5 percent and 15 percent is flammable. These natural gas nozzles lock and seal the place for preventing gas from escaping at a time of fuelling.

(6) You can install natural gas refuelling station at home for pumping your own gas. It needs a dedicated circuit along with a 15-amp breaker and is tied into the natural gas line. It requires 48,00 BTU input.