The recent hike in petrol price has forced many car drivers to switch their gasoline based combustion engine to CNG based combustion engine. One can easily save money and fuel at the same time by opting for CNG vehicles. There are basically 9 CNG vehicle models that are available for the general public from the car manufacturers like ford, Honda and GM. One of the best ways of combating global crisis is to run the car by using compressed natural gas. It does not require you to buy a new CNG vehicle and majority of the vehicles that runs on gasoline are readily converted to bi-fuel vehicle. The process usually needs expensive natural gas conversion kits that cost from $8,000 to $16,000.

This process of conversion of the gasoline based engines to the gas based engine is an extensive process that requires you to do test series to be conducted by the Environmental Protection Agency for ensuring that the system does not violate the rule. The major concern includes the test to ensure that the exhaust internal sensor system is not increased. This process needs a good amount of initial investment.

If you can make the initial investment, then you can save money and fuel in the long term. By using the CNG as the fuel for the vehicle, you can make savings in the long term. The increase in fuel price will inspire the car drivers to opt for the natural gas conversion process. There are many car manufacturers that are offering both the gasoline mode and CNG mode of operating the car engine. Prior to going for the conversion, you should check if your vehicle has approved conversion. Some of the cars that come with approved conversion are Ford Grand Marcus, Ford Crown Victoria, GCM Sierra and Lincoln Town Car.