4seohunt.com/www/www.cng.in in stalling CNG kit” src=”https://www.cng.in/wp-content/uploads/2010/10/image.png” alt=”” width=”300″ height=”290″ />The entire procedure of conversion of a gasoline based vehicle to a CNG driven can be broadly classified into five sections:

CNG Kit Fitment – You should install all the electrical connections and wiring associated with the CNG kit. You should complete all the required mechanical installations of CNG kit. You should ensure that there is CNG Cylinder support in the trunk. You should lift the vehicle for installing the high pressure CNG pipe. During the entire procedure, the Q.C. sheet should be filled and one should monitor the technician finishing the tasks.

CNG Leakage Testing – You should conduct a primary leakage test by using a pressurized cylinder that increases the pressure to approx 120 BAR.  The CNG gas connections and links should be tested using soap solution and recordings of the results and test pressure are done in the Q.C. sheet. Before the gas filing, ensure that the CNG cylinder valve is set to “open” position and the pressure gauge pointer shows zero reading.

Gas Filling – In order to fill the vehicle with CNG, you should take your vehicle to your closest CNG station from conversion centre. There is an engineer in charge for attending the filling process so that there is no leakage and filling pressure is recorded. Another leakage test is conducted during the filling process.

Government inspection and approval – The vehicle is taken for government inspection and approval to the nearest R.T.O. The government officials do the inspection of CNG kit as well as all the equipments connected with it. They may also take a test drive and after their approval, the customer’s vehicle registration booklet is stamped by the R.T.O.

Customer Education – Once the CNG operation tuning is done, a client is explained about the parts, safety procedure and accident procedure.  Along with this process, client is also explained about what to do in event of CNG operation failure. All the relevant documents connected with the conversion are given to the client in addition to list of CNG filling stations.