The CNG kit comprises of the following components as mentioned below.

(1) The Cylinder – The cylinder is used for storing the CNG at a work pressure of 200 Bar. It comes with a shut-off valve and a safety burst disc. The cylinders are usually approved by the Chief Controller of Explosives of the Indian Government.

(2) The Vapour Bag – It comes fitted onto the cylinder and used for enclosing the cylinder valve and the pipes that are connected to it and vented out of the car

(3) The High Pressure Pipe – This High Pressure Pipe is used for connecting the refuelling valve to the CNG Cylinder as well as the Pressure Regulator.

(4) The Refuelling Valve – The Refuelling Valve is applied for refuelling the CNG cylinder.

(5)The Pressure Regulator – The Pressure Regulator comes with a Solenoid Valve for shutting off gas supply to the engine. The CNG which is stored at a high pressure gets reduced to below atmospheric pressure in the cylinder by this unit. This negative pressure is basically a safety feature that does not allow gas to pass in case the engine is not functioning.

(6) The Gas-Air Mixer – It is a unique component that is designed specially to suit the every engine model. It also measures the gas fed into the engine precisely.

(7) The Petrol-Solenoid Valve – It is used to removing the petrol supply to the engine when the engine is run on CNG.

(8)The Selector Switch – The Selector Switch allows the driver to select either the CNG mode or the petrol mode for running the vehicle. This unit comprises of electronics that ensures safety by switching off the gas solenoid in case the engine is switched off. It also acts as a fuel indicator for the amount of CNG present in the cylinder.