One of the biggest advantages of CNG is that it is environmentally clean gas that is cleanest burning fuel used in operations today. It implies less vehicle maintenance and extended engine life.

The emissions of the CNG vehicles are least among any motor fuel. In fact, the Dedicated Natural Gas Vehicles (NGV) does not have any emissions during fuelling. The fuelling emissions account for at least 50% of total hydrocarbon emissions of vehicle.


CNG produce considerable less pollutant as compared to gasoline. The emissions released by gasoline operated vehicles are not environment friendly as they release pollutants like carbon dioxide that leads to global warming. This phenomenon is reduced with natural gas. It also contributes to the reduction of maintenance costs by as much as 40% on conversion of vehicle from gasoline to CNG. The intervals required for maintenance and tuning of vehicles are extended from 30,000 to 50,000 miles. Also, the intervals between oil changes are dramatically extended anywhere from 10,000 to 25,000 additional miles on the basis of how a particular vehicle is used.


Natural gas do not react to metals like the gasoline, therefore the pipes and mufflers get extended life. The performance of Natural gas is similar as compared to gasoline in a converted vehicle. The dedicated CNG engines are better in performance than gasoline engines. The octane rating of CNG is 130 and scores above gasoline slightly in efficiency. As CNG is already in a gaseous state, the vehicles operated on CNG have excellent starting and driveability irrespective of severe hot and cold weather conditions. There is very less chance of vapour locking and it experiences less knocking.


The CNG is also cheaper per equivalent gallon as compared to other fuels like gasoline. On an average it is 15% to 50% less cheap than gasoline. There are only few minor modifications required for converting a gasoline-powered car to CNG.  The results from the Safety Advantage Surveys indicate that CNG operated vehicles are safer than those powered with other fuels.